"Middelpunt Wetland Trust & the White-Winged Flufftail"

About the Trust

The Middelpunt Wetland Trust was established in 1994 with the objective of securing and rehabilitating the Middelpunt wetland between Belfast and Dullstroom in Mpumalanga, northeastern South Africa. The Whitewinged Flufftail is the flagship species of the Middelpunt Wetland Trust. Its IUCN threat classification is "Critically Endangered".

When the trust was established, Middelpunt was one of only three sites in South Africa where the Whitewinged Flufftail Sarothrura ayresi was known to occur. It was badly degraded, and extensive wetland rehabilitation work has helped to restore it. The other two Whitewinged Flufftail sites were Franklin Marsh in KwaZulu-Natal and the Wakkerstroom wetland, also in Mpumalanga. Subsequently, Whitewinged Flufftails have been discovered at six more sites in South Africa.


  • Deon Coetzee, Chairman
  • Sandra de Witt
  • Malcolm Drummond
  • Dr Warwick Tarboton
  • Professor Les Underhill

Deon Coetzee - Champion of the White-winged Flufftail!
Deon Coetzee, Chairman of the Middelpunt Wetland Trust. Deon is the most passionate
friend of the White-winged Flufftail!