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Mrs Sue Kuyper

Department administration; SAP reporting; student support 
Phone: (021) 650-2423 




Sue is a librarian by training, and worked for a publishing company as editorial manager before joining the ADU ten years ago. Here she manages all the day-to-day activities, and assists Les Underhill with all aspects of the administration of the ADU. This includes the registration of postgraduate students, with the students, associated bursary applications, the production of ADU publications, and organising social functions.

According to John Cooper, Sue (otherwise known as "Sunshine") is the kingpin of the unit. She was recently profiled as a "Five-Star Staffer" by the Monday Paper, where John is quoted as saying, "She knows us and all our foibles and she willingly and cheerfully helps beyond the call of duty - things like shopping for expeditions, arranging breakfasts, meeting the Robben Island ferry and aeroplanes at all hours and even feeding my cats while I'm away. Sue is excellent at welcoming new students and staff of all backgrounds to our unit and she is an 'empath' who helps with personal difficulties."

When she is not ensuring the smooth running of the ADU, Sue can be found walking on the mountain or the beach or reading a biography.