External Project Coordinators

Mr Peter Greaves


Mr Peter Greaves

BIRP Coordinator


Born in 1948 and raised in Yorkshire, Peter obtained his Bsc (Hons) in Civil Engineering at Salford University in 1971. He arrived in South Africa in October 1976 and graduated MBL (Unisa) in 1984. His professional titles of MICE, MSAICE, Pr.Eng and C.Eng were dropped on retirement.

Peter‘s interest in birds started when something very colourful flew in front of the car one day in the Kruger Park in the mid 1980‘s. A couple of years later, on another trip to Kruger, his then 13 year old daughter said “We should keep a list of what we see today so we can see which different ones we see tomorrow.” On that trip they saw 144 species in 4 days and Peter was hooked. Subsequently Peter built a database with every species and many subspecies of bird in the world (almost 11,000 records) and knows exactly what, where, when, and how often he has seen the over 3,000 birds on his life list. Over 1,150 of them have been photographed.

In 2011 Peter decided to properly “Retire” and promptly volunteered to become Co-ordinator of the Birds in Reserves Project (BIRP). In 2013 the ADU held a strategy workshop to think ahead to the time when the current Professor will retire. The decision to create an Advisory Board was made and Peter was invited to sit on this board as the representative of Citizen Scientists. His major contribution to the Advisory Board has been directed at sustainable funding for ADU and this resulted in Citadel Wealth Managers creating the “Citadel Conservation Foundation” as one element of their Philanthropy Foundation. Peter is a Trustee of the Conservation Foundation.