Honorary Research Associates

Prof. Rob Crawford

Oceans and Coasts, Department of Environmental Affairs

Qualifications and experience

Rob obtained a BSc (Physics, Zoology; 1969) and BSc(Hons) (Zoology; 1970) at the University of Natal (now KwaZulu-Natal), and then a PhD (1979) at the University of Cape Town. He joined the Sea Fisheries Research Institute, now Branch Marine and Coastal Management of South Africa's Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, in 1971, and has continued there since then as a researcher, apart from a two-year spell with South African National Parks in the early 1980s.

Research interests

Rob initially worked on fish stock assessment and now focuses on seabirds. Some exploited fish species are an important food source for seabirds, and research is aimed at ensuring an ecosystem approach to fisheries (as it relates to seabirds) and the conservation and sustainable utilisation of South Africa's seabirds, including those at the Prince Edward Islands.

Selected publications

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