ADU Director: Prof. Les Underhill


Dr H. Dieter Oschadleus SAFRING Coordinator
(021) 650-2421
Emeritus Professor Les Underhill ADU Director
021 650 3227
Mr Michael Brooks Information System Specialist
(021) 650-4751
Dr René A. Navarro Information System Specialist
(021) 650-4751
Mrs Sue Kuyper Department administration; SAP reporting; student support
(021) 650-2423
Ms Nosipho Mali Information System Specialist
(021) 650 5073
Mr Dane Paijmans Assistant SAFRING Coordinator
(021) 650 5073
Ms Caitlin Smith DST-NRF Intern
(021) 650 5073
Mrs Sanjo Rose DST-NRF Intern
(021) 650 5073
Ms Amour McCarthy CAR Coordinator, Admin Assistant


Postdoctoral Research Fellows:

Dr Peter Laver Claude Leon Fellowship


Honorary Research Associates:

Dr Magdalena Remisiewicz University of Gdansk, Poland
Dr Marienne de Villiers Former SARCA Project Co-ordinator
Prof. Peter Barham Professorial Teaching Fellow in Physics, Bristol University
Prof. Rob Crawford Oceans and Coasts, Department of Environmental Affairs
Dr Stephen Kirkman Oceans and Coasts, Department of Environmental Affairs

External Project Coordinators:

Mr Jerome Ainsley CWAC Coordinator
Mr Peter Greaves BIRP Coordinator