Archive: The "Treasure" Oil Spill, June 2000


The Treasure oil spill

Effects on the wildlife of Table Bay and particularly on the endangered African Penguin

This website, an archival website of the Animal Demography Unit, was constructed in the weeks and months which followed the Treasure oil spill in June 2000 near Cape Town, South Africa. We have left it intact as an "e-monument". The Animal Demography Unit website has grown enormously since this oil spill, and we encourage you to browse around it. You might be particularly interested in the special section on seabirds and shorebirds.

© L.G. Underhill, 2000.


This beautiful oil painting Penguins was generously donated by Cape Town artist Elizabeth Poulsom. It was auctioned in aid of the WWF Penguin Appeal. The buyer is a resident of California, USA.



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