The "Treasure" Oil Spill in Pictures

The Treasure oil spill in pictures...

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Robben Island in peaceful times. This is the view from Murrays Bay Harbour on the island towards Table Mountain. The distance that the penguins get transported by sea is 11 km, and then it is another 6 km by road to SANCCOB.
In preparation for oil spills, a large supply of SANCCOB boxes is kept in a shed on Robben Island. Each box is used to transport four penguins. Dawn, Sunday 25 June 2000 and volunteers fold and tape up the boxes ready for use.
A group of oiled penguins on the shoreline. Every penguin coming out of the sea is oiled, and needs to be captured.
A badly oiled African Penguin. The oil is dripping off the plumage.
Rounding up a group of oiled penguins on Robben Island.
Youngsters from the Chrysalis Project were of enormous help in carrying boxes onto a truck, for transport to Murrays Bay harbour on Robben Island, in the background.
Mike Meyer, of Marine and Coastal Management, Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, is in charge of the operation on Robben Island.
Another badly oiled penguin. The eyes are extremely vulnerable to oiling.
The flipper band reads S20663. This bird was also oiled during the Apollo Sea oilspill of June 1994, exactly six years ago. Note added April 2001: S20663 was resighted on Robben Island nine months after the Treasure oilspill, on 6 March 2001.
The oil booms around the main penguin landing area on Robben Island are preventing more oil from washing ashore.
All this oil needs to be removed from the rocks and rock pools with absorbents. a time consuming and labour intensive process.