Penguin Percy at Dassen Island

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Percy and the satellite transmitter attached on its back. After completing a 800-km journey from Port Elizabeth, it was found at Dassen Island. Here it is posing for the media while waiting to have the transmitter removed.

Removing the transmitter from Percy. Dr Rob Crawford is holding the transmitter, Anton Wolfaardt holds the bird and Mike Meyer removes the transmitter.
Percy's final ordeal: a blood sample was taken before releasing the bird, while the media snapped away.
Anton Wolfaardt lets Percy free. Red dye was applied to Percy's white plumage to make it easier to follow up its coming and going at Dassen Island until it moults its plumage.
Percy's long walk to freedom ...
... and about to go for a refreshing swim.[Most of the red dye actually came off in the sea, so Percy was left a paler shade of pink.]